Extruded Chassis “Type E” Electric Motors
Made in Italy

Extruded Chassis “Type E” Electric Motors
Made in Italy

Do you need a special shaft?
No problem.

Don’t go and search adapters or additional parts to make your machine work with this motor.
We build every type of shaft, for you, as your design requires.

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Extreme power for your Machinings

Powered by standard industrial 230V plug, “Type E” compact electric motors made in Italy by CME generate significant torque, stable and homogeneous at the higher speeds, to ensure that your tools will perform a rapid, precise and firm cut.


Choose resilience.
Extruded motors, Made in Italy.

Italian aluminum extrusion reaches very high level standards. This is why it’s one of the most demanded in the whole world. CME Electric Motors’ chassis extrusion allows for a much more tough and resilient external shell than regular casted chassis, since extruded aluminum has a more regular and homogeneous microstructure. Combined with anodisation, inalterability and long life are guaranteed and optimal.

The only compact electric motors
made and customized in Italy


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Since 1991 CME has produced three-phase and single-phase asynchronous motors ranging from MEC 50 to 160 in various shapes and polarities. 

Founded in 1991, C.M.E. aims to comply with customers’ needs in all applications where reliability and quality are essential. Following these principles, the founders developed a range of products, 100% made in Italy, that can be used in a wide range of applications. 

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